Valentine’s Day, 2010

I decided to surprise my hubby and baby girl (who likely noticed nothing) with a Valentine’s Day breakfast for the three of us. I made each of them a little gift, and put together a whole heart themed meal. Here are the pictures!

This is the table setting. You can see the little pouch I made on my husband’s place. My daughter had one identicle; the treats were just a bit different! Inside the pouches I mounted self-sealing celo bags on some strong double sided tape. Hubby’s held cinnamon hearts, and my daughter was spoiled and got a chocolate Lindor heart!

You can also see the love-coloured punch, the heart shaped cake, and everything else amour-themed!

A close up of the gifts on my daughter’s high chair tray. This is a closer view of the treat pouches, which were essentially oversized matchbooks, turned upside down. I also made the tag on her gift.

A close up of the cake and punch.

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  • Claire Brennan
    May 1, 2010 11:32 pm

    I LOVE that you made heart shaped pancakes!! What a beautiful setting for breakfast!!

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