I have the worst mother in law. Seriously. Not only does she fund more than half of my crafting addiction (“I can afford it, you have kids”), when Emma wanted to phone her this morning, Shirley asked if she and Josie were going to spend the day shopping with her. Sheesh.

So now I have the day to myself, no kids, and not a lot to do. Can you believe it? The nerve of some people.

Okay, I have stuff to do. Come on people, we’re 5 days away to Christmas Eve.

Once again this year, Claire at Waltzingmouse has challenged us to create amazing gift tags.

You know me and tags.

So I got to work.

I decided to switch up the same old red and white thing, since I am sure you are sick of it by now. Shirley loves these colours, so I knew if nothing else, she would benefit from it.

I started with a felt coaster, which you’ve seen before. Then I die cut a snowflake, a border, and a focal point to stamp on, and went to town with the foam tape.

Alright… if you can believe it, I have something to post over on my food blog, so while I am supposed to be baking, I am going to be posting. It’s kind of the same thing, right?