Hello lovelies!

Alright my friends, it’s down to the last few days… which is exciting, and also kind of sad – I will miss this house.

But, I am anxious to get into our new house, which is much more space than our townhouse, and has a lovely large deck and backyard for us to enjoy the summer. Plus, it’s original to 1969 when it was built. We have a project (or 25) on our hands, friends.

I am going to share a little more about that when we move in, however.

But since it’s Friday, it’s time for some some holiday goodness!

This week, we’re working with an element challenge, and ask that you include a tree somewhere in your design. So I used some paper full of trees from Crate Paper, and also added a little tree stick pin.

Hey, here’s a funny story.

I am all caught up in moving, right? So I was *so* proud if myself when I created not one, but two cards (working ahead and all) for the upcoming challenge. I was all prepared to come home and do up the post for the challenge before bedtime, after enjoying dinner with Shirley and the family.

Then I started to notice this common theme among all the cards coming in from the design team… and none of them were what I was expecting. Hmm…

Yeah, I was a whole challenge ahead of everyone else.

So I had to *very* quickly run down after eating my spaghetti, and whip this up, basically using things scattered across my desk. This is where it pays to be messy, my friends! *wink*

Even Emma said, “Wow, that was fast…”

Reason #746 I love Crate Paper so…

Head over to the challenge blog to see what the other ladies came up with – it’s a *stunning* parade this week!