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I think I’ve told you this story before… my aunt is quite an accomplished artist in Edinburgh. She teaches art courses, she sells her beautiful creations, and she is proficient in pretty much any medium she tries. My house is full of her illustrations, and I adore her work. Also, I adore her. She’s the most lovely woman, and has always been my favourite person to sit and putter with – the few times we’ve been able to do it (since there’s an ocean in the way).

Years ago, during my first visit to her flat just outside the city, she promised to tutor me in watercolour, since I always struggled with using them. She was sure I would be just fine, with a little coaching.

And after a couple of hours, she finally just said, “I don’t think watercolour is for you. You’re far too literal.”

It was so honest and straightforward, and I loved it. I laughed, she laughed, and we both agreed she was right.

I am so in love with the cards popping up all over the place using this technique, and I keep convincing myself I can do it. I watched a few of Dawn Wholeslagle’s tutorials, and felt like it was just too easy for me to *not* be able to do it!

Yeah well… it’s still not for me.

I feel like I did pick up a few of her tips when I was working on this, but I still think it’s time for me to put away the paint brushes. Doesn’t mean I’m going to… but I should!

Emma watched the same videos, and she wanted to do her own attempt. Here is how hers turned out;

Don’t adjust your eyes. She’s a pro at ‘shadow stamping’…

Also, she’s discovered embossing powder. Her exact words were: “One of the greatest things EVER!” and she wants to use it on every single think she creates. And in the last little while she’s spent hours and hours stamping and creating. So we’re burning through the powder around here…

She’s asked me to share a few of her things with you, so I hope you don’t mind. She’s quite prooud of herself, so I’m happy to indulge.. I’ll include them here and there as I post!

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  • Geri
    July 14, 2015 2:45 pm

    Aw…so sweet…BOTH of them! But man…it's not as easy as it looks, is it?!:( So nice you've been able to share a little crafty time together!

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