Well, just when you might have given up on me, and thought I’d given up blogging for good, here I am! I’ve carved out time the last little while to create a few things, and would you believe I’ll be a guest designer next week? You’ll have to keep an eye out for that one…

The baby had his first birthday last weekend, so I have photos to work through and share from that… and almost immediately following, my oldest has her birthday on Friday. It’s been busy with projects for these celebrations, and I’ve even managed a couple of extra projects too. I hope it becomes a trend!

So the oldest has caught the Harry Potter fever… she ordered a Gryffindor themed party (okay, I confess that was my persuasion… she wanted every detail from every movie in every room of the house, and I gently suggested we pick the House colours and use them as our theme…), and I had to figure out how to rise to the occasion.

That was all easy enough and then it was time to make her a card. I was stumped for a minute, but then I figured if I just replicated the Gryffindor tie as a backdrop it might just take itself from there…

So there it is. I hope she can see what I was going for, because so long as she likes it, then I say it worked. I figured the owl silhouette maybe helped seal the theme… maybe not? *wink*

I’ll do my best to post the projects I’ve been creating before too much time passes, and maybe even make time to create some more! And I really do plan to post photos from the parties this month… just can’t promise they’ll be before Christmas… Ha!

Check back next week, as I have another post coming your way for sure… see you soon!