Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

Well, if I’ve learned anything in my years as a mother, it’s this; the more children you have, the faster the years pass! I remember when my little guy was born, and the nights were so long and the exhaustion all-consuming… and I would think to myself in those wee hours that I just needed to remember how quickly he’d be a year old and all that newborn craziness would be over, and I’d miss it… and even at that, it’s been a shock to realize we are there, and he’s a year old!

This was probably one of  my favourite parties to date… It’s one that I’ve been drawn to before, but the girls always had ideas of their own, and it inevitably was pushed aside. But very quickly when Charlie was born, I was drawn to starry-themed things for him, and it sort of became his ‘thing’ (my girls have their own ‘things’!)… so I knew this was the perfect chance!

I really invested myself in this one… we decided that since the oldest and the youngest celebrate their birthdays only 5 days apart, that this would be a family celebration for both. So that meant roughly 25 people and a whole lot of work! But I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was so pleased with how it all came together.

I stuck to simple colours – navy and gold, with lots of cream and white.

I also decided that I would serve more ‘fancy’ and grown up food this time… I prepared everything myself (I love to cook but don’t feel like I get to stretch my skills too often with three little ones and their picky dad), and it completely exhausted me… but everyone loved the spread, so it was worth it.

There wasn’t much left over at the end, so I call it a success!

We had cake as well as the cupcakes since there were so many guests. It helped give everyone something sweet without having to bake a huge cake or an entire table of cupcakes. Variety is more interesting!

I also made cookies for decorating, which usually I intend to pass out as favours and usually at the end of the party, I have a pile of prettily packaged cookies left behind. So this time I plated them and put them out to be enjoyed. Worked far better…

It also helped to get the point across that this was, technically, a joint party.

Since the focus was on Charlie (because Emma had her friends’ party a week later, where she got to be the center of attention), I chose to use my Instagram photos from his monthly photo sessions and create a banner behind the main food table. It wasn’t easy to take this down, and I only did so because it didn’t fit with the following birthday party!

Well, those are the key parts… I did take lots of photos of our following party, so I’ll try to get those edited and posted before too long! Thanks for sticking through such a long post… Hopefully it wasn’t too dull! *wink*


  • Lisaerica
    August 27, 2016 2:30 am

    Oh Meredith, how cute! I love all the attention to details, everything looks fabulous. I really like the banner full of pictures, and your note on the blackboard. I miss those years, my sons 14 now and doesn't like all that attention anymore. I used to go all out like you, I love decorating for parties. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  • ~amy~
    August 27, 2016 2:07 pm

    Super Momma!
    Everything is absolutely wonderful!!!!

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