Festive WHAT? That’s right… I decided to do a Festive Friday post… I even did a post over on the old challenge blog! Not with any challenge link at this point, however… But, I thought it was only fair to share with fellow Christmas lovers…

When I was working on my card for the Muse: Christmas Visions guest gig last week, I had a couple of designs in mind and decided to just putter with my supplies – like I used to. I can waste the hours away working on holiday projects any time of year. I just love all things snowflake.

Simon Says Stamp has some of my favourite snowflake stamps going… and I have a *lot* of snowflake stamps.

We had a snowflake themed wedding nearly 11 years ago, and since then, I adore them. I have a Christmas tree covered in them (there are a few other ornaments thrown in, but the bulk of them are flakes), I have many dies, many stamps and lots of other things in between. Also, a plan for a snowflake tattoo is in the works. I love them.

See what I was saying in my last post about my style of card being more simple lately? I don’t know if it will stick… but at least I finally have some cards that are easier to mail. That always proves a snag when it’s time to finally send these things out!

I think I’ve worked out a tentative schedule for creating, so if I can manage to stick with it, I should be able to make a good pile of cards to send out this year, and who knows? Maybe I’ll manage some blog posts!

No promises…