Hello there, friends!

It’s been a couple of weeks again… finding time to make cards is one challenge, but finding time to photograph them is a whole other thing!! All these children who want 3 meals a day… *every* day!

So for this one, I stepped out of my usual box… For me, this is quite the departure!

He’s never so obvious with his compliments, but I think this might be my husband’s favourite card that I’ve ever shown him. He likes this kind of ‘scene’ card, if he’s card shopping, and his preference is far more cutesy than I’ve ever been comfortable with… so my cards are never really what he’s drawn to (I say that like he spends any time looking at cards).

I broke out an older WPlus9 set that I still really, really love… it’s called Iconic Christmas, and it’s just the perfect name for this one! I wanted to keep it very pale and simple, and just used glitter to emphasize the accents. I love how it turned out, actually, even though it’s so far out of my usual zone… and now I have ideas for how to draw on this same idea.

So is anyone else antsy to get the decorations out? I’m *so* ready for my trees! But my brutus toddler might think I put them up just for him to dismantle, so it could be a testy season………