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Season's Greetings... - A Delightful Waste of Time
Season’s Greetings…

Season’s Greetings…

For all the ways my husband can play indifferent to mostly anything, when it comes to penguins, he’s smitten. He thinks they’re just cool. So for most of his Christmas cards, I use the same old penguin stamp in some reinvented fashion.

So I thought maybe it was time to seek out a new penguin stamp set.
If you’ve spent any time around here, when I tell you I really loved this set from Lawn Fawn, I think you’ll agree that it’s kind of shocking! But I thought this was a fun one for my penguin loving hubby, and my cutesy loving kiddos, so it just made sense to go ahead and get it.
And it turns out, it was really fun to use… usually this sort of stamp style really eludes me and I can’t quite figure out how to bring something together. But this one just kind of came together, and I was really pleased with how it turned out!
And a penguin throwing snowballs at another penguin’s head is very much something that will speak to my husband…
Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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